Boothshakalaka is all of your dreams come true in a photobooth.  It is the past, present and future.  That pretty much covers it.  Available for weddings, private and corporate events.

Boothshakalaka is a custom built open air photobooth located in Boise, Idaho. It is minimalistic and simple in it’s design, but robust and feature packed in the services it offers. It’s built by lo- cal artisans out of walnut and aluminum and utilizes the latest photobooth technol- ogy. It not only prints on-site custom prints with your logo, but also saves a digital copy and allows your guests to email or text the images to themselves and post them on their social media feeds.

It gives your guests a gift and memory to take home with them from your event, and adds to the ambiance of the event itself as guests unleash themselves with a robust collection of goofy props. As has often been said “international laws don’t apply to photobooths”, which is “probably” true. Regardless Boothshakalaka is a whole lot of fun and a treasured experience at every event.